Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not Buying It Review

Not Buying It

So I finished the book and have mixed reviews. On one hand I liked the book because it was honest with the struggles of not buying things but on the other hand I would have like to learn more about what they did to save money on everyday things. I would have like to have read more about that than her opinions on certain topics like the cell phone tower for an example. Just one out of many things she spent a lot of time talking about. I liked how she described that since they decided not to be consumers their friends/family became more of a consumer on their behalves. Meaning that since they were not buying things their friends/family would step in an want to take them to the movies, out to dinner and little treats here and there. I never really thought about that but it is true. People will shell out money for themselves and others just to have the accompany with them. People have a hard time getting together and not spend money. People think they have to go meet up for dinner, drinks, movies, shopping, pot lucks (all in which money is being spent) and so much more just to enjoy each other's company. I guess to have something going on besides just sitting and talking. Overall I liked the book but was not impressed with the book. I wouldn't read it again but would tell others to at least read it once.

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