Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 11 Tracking Expenses


Nov 7th

Bills: $0
Necessities: $67
Extra: $79

Total: $146

Had to fill the tank up in the car, $35. Needed to grab some food for this week from the store, $32. I signed up for a gym membership because the current gym I am signed up for has the women's locker room shut down for repairs that will last 4 weeks or longer. I loved the gym because I could go to work early and workout before work or during my lunch break. It freed up my nights to come home and relax after work. The only time I would be able to workout is after work with these repairs and we are not getting any compensation for this from the gym. I am wanting to work out in the mornings and this would push me more to do so. This was an un-needed expense but I really want to start working out again. I slacked off really bad for the past couple of months. The membership is for three months that will cost $79 ($26.33 a month). During the three months I could roll it into a year membership $237.50 ($19.79 a month)

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