Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 25 Tracking Expenses


Nov 21st

Bills: $104
Necessities: $19

Extra: $74
Total: $197

Received paycheck from second job and all that went towards student loans: $104. Had to put some gas in the car: $19. Was running late again (this seems to happen way too much) and bought breakfast/lunch: $21. Needed to stop by CVS to pick up a few items: $29. After work I noticed my tires were really low and maybe even a flat. Had to drive to the closest gas station to fill up my tires to at least make it home. I had no cash and had to us an ATM with tacked on fees because it wasn't my bank. I took out $20 with at least $4 in fees. What a crappy ending to my night.

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