Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am in my late twenties and just decided to kick debt out of my life. I have always hated owing anyone money... HATED!!! If I ever wanted anything I would save up for it or work more hours to pay for it. I saved $10,000 for a car during high school. Crazy uh!!!! Lets just say I worked my butt off! You are probably asking yourself, "How is this girl in debt if in high school she saved all this money for a car?" Well I have one word for you "college". That is when all my hard work went down hill. I had to take loans out and never really thought much about having to repay them or how much I was racking up. After I graduated I had between $22,000 - $24,000 in debt just from school loans. Oh man did that open my eyes. Then a couple of years after graduating college my car broke down. I had no money to put down so I just took a loan out for the whole thing ($23,000 on top of my student loans). So right there I already have over $40,000 in debt, ugh! This year I took a step back and noticed I have paid off a lot of debt since I graduated college but still have a lot left. I am starting to think about the future (getting married, buying a house and having kids). All of this costs A LOT of money. This July I started looking into ways to becoming debt free. I have looked at so many articles and books about debt. The one that stood out the most was Dave Ramsey. So I am doing his baby steps. I have also read that blogging about your debt holds you accountable for it. So here I am, an ordinary girl, blogging her way through debt. So hope you enjoy and that I may inspire someone to do that same thing and become debt free! Enjoy =)

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