Monday, September 26, 2011

Second Job

Well so far this month has not went as planned. Money has been a little bit of an issue for me. I got a little carried away with spending again on stupid stuff which I put on my credit card! OMG!!! I didn't learn my lesson from last month. I am putting my credit card somewhere else besides my purse. It's so easy to grab that little sucker and swipe! I am thinking about putting my debt card in the same place too. Then I am only relying on cash which is my ultimate goal. I really think if I only had cash it would make me stop and think about every purchase I ever make. The number one idea of getting out of debt is " STOP CREATING NEW DEBT". I just want to kick myself in the ass for my spending this month. I did get my emergency fund set up ( baby step 1 completed), still was able to pay some down on my debt (not as much as last months and waiting for my statement to see my standings) and paid my stupid debt off on my credit from this month. At least I am not paying interest on my credit card debt this month because I am paying it off before it's due. Which leads me into the title of this post. Since I am not seeing a lot of movement with my debt I have decided to get a second job. I know I know you guys are thinking just cut back your spending and stop buying crap! Well that is what I am going to do in October! I applied for a second job this month, have been hired but just waiting on my back ground check to go through. I am just planning on working 12 hrs a week, nothing crazy or extreme. So if I cut my spending and all of my second job paychecks go onto my debt (no if's and's or but's about that) I am hoping to see a bigger decrease faster on my debt.

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