Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Balance for October 2011

Beginning of the MonthCredit CardStudent LoansCar PaymentNet of DebtPaid off
Diff of:$2,309.51

I paid off $857.29 in September but a total of $2,904.44 since August. Not bad but need to step my game up. September had a lot of set backs. October is a new month and a set of goals have been laid out. I am going to bust out as much as I can for the month of October and hopefully I will be working my second job and making some extra payments on my student loans.


  1. Found you through MoneySaving Mom. Good job on paying off your debt and the progress you're making. Whenever I need extra encouragement I listen to Dave Ramsey on the internet or read a finance book. That always kicks me into high gear! My only suggestion to you is cut up your credit card. We did this 3 years ago and haven't ever missed it. We started paying cash for everything, budgeting everything, and recording every single penny we spent. Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much for writing!!! Dave Ramsey is amazing! I love his books and his advice. I know you are right about cutting up credit cards but for some reason I am holding on to it. It's so hard to put those scissors to it. I think it's because I have had this card for so long for emergencies or what I thought were emergencies, lol. I am scared to let it go. I shouldn't be scared because that is what the emergency fund is set up for. Change can be hard but is needed.