Monday, September 26, 2011

October Goals

I am already setting up goals for next month. No more excuses of stupid spending. My first two months were for that, lol… So here they are;
1. Put credit card and debt card somewhere else besides purse.
2. Monday-Friday no eating out. (This includes buying coffee, sodas or anything else food related except for groceries)
3. EVERY paycheck I get from second job (whenever I start) goes directly towards my debt. (Student loan first then car payment)
4. All the change I get back from my cash purchases all go into a jar. (Have not decided what I am going to do and how long I will save on this)
5. I will be using ONLY cash for all purchases.
Hopefully this will get my butt into gear. I think these steps are going to change my spending a lot and make me step back and look before buying anything!

1 comment:

  1. Janelle,
    I jumped over from Money Saving Mom. You are doing a great job of paying down your debt! You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.

    I think you're wise in deciding to pay cash for all purchases. It really does make a big difference. Do you use the envelope system?

    I encourage you to cut up your credit card. Now that you have your $1,000 emergency fund you will have that to fall back on. I know it's scary but it will keep you from running back to your card.

    You could use the cash from your change jar to treat yourself when you pay off one of your large bills, or you could save it for Christmas gifts.

    Keep up the good work!