Monday, September 26, 2011

August Spending

I set up my guidelines for each category of expenses that Dave Ramsey says and started off my first month with my head held high! Within the first week I already had a set back. I don’t even have my emergency fund set up completely yet. My apartment complex told me that I still owed 1/2 of the pet deposit. I guess when I signed the lease they just asked for 1/2 instead of the full (let me note this was in small print and didn't look that close at the pet deposit). So already within the first week I am off. That is okay I just try to spend less in another categories. The month went on and I wrote everything down that I spent. I did but didn't pay attention to my amounts I wanted to stay in but was really just focusing on where I spend my money. I went a little over for the month and had to use my credit card on a few things. After reviewing my cash flow I noticed I could have gone without several things. I need to stop spending money on coffees at work, eating out a lot less ( the money I set aside for food is allocated for eating out and groceries) and spent a lot more on gas than planned. I went back to see my family a lot more than expected. I have to start somewhere and they say the first month to two are finding out how you really spend your money and where to change things. So taking this month and next month for learning lessons.

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