Thursday, October 13, 2011

Taking A Step Back

So after being upset the other day about the second job I took a step back. I told myself something could have happened and the manager just kept forgetting or he really could have been trying to take as long as possible. Just sitting around waiting is doing nothing for me. My debt is still here staring me in the face ($21,475.59). I have applied to so many other jobs and have yet to hear back. It is really hard to find a partime job right now specially when you have a full time job making ok money. So I decided to give this place one more chance. So I sucked it up and called again yesterday. I have learned in life being persistent could be a good or a bad thing. Most of my experiences have been good =) My luck the manager was actually there, yay! He said sorry for not calling back and rambled an excuses I couldn't really hear. But he told me to come in this Friday for training. Don't get me wrong I still think how he handled it was "WRONG" but I am starting tomorrow and keeping in mind how things have been so far. I am really trying to look at things positive no matter what. I have to realize everyone is not me and they don't do and handle things the same way I do. I have to get over that, lol… I guess that is part of being an adult. I am not afraid to leave if things don't improve or get worse with the management. I need to give them the benefit of the doubt. I need some extra income to knock this debt off ASAP. I am just excited to get my debt snowball moving even faster!

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