Monday, October 24, 2011

Review of 7 Day Challenge

Let me just start by saying this challenge was hard!!!!! I have never pushed myself not to spend money like this before. Unfortunately I was unable to complete my 7 day challenge of spending $0 this past week. Looking back at this past week I think I could go 7 days without spending anything but with a better planned agenda. Here is a quick breakdown of my week;
October 17th - 24th

Monday- $0
Tuesday- $0
Wednesday- $0
Thursday- $0
Friday- $10

Saturday- $13.50
Sunday- $0
Monday- $0
Total: $23.50

 The week started off great! I made it all the way until Friday before I spent anything. I had a doctor's appointment late in the week to get stitches taken out. Because I was going back to get the stitches taken out I knew there was not going to be a co-pay. So I thought I was in the clear for spending money but unfortunately I was not. While I was there I was prescribed some medication. The medicine ended up being only $10 which could have easily been a lot higher (thank you insurance). On Saturday I woke up late for my second job and was unable to eat anything before I had to be there. I was working and hit a wall. I was starving, thirsty and started to feel really weak. So instead of buying food that would probably cost at least $4.00 I just got a soda for $1.50. After work I forgot I had plans with friends from out of town for dinner. That dinner was $12.00. I felt really bad about spending that money on dinner and I kept thinking about my challenge. But they were from out of state and felt like that would be very rude of me to not eat with them. I know I could have spent a lot less than $12.00 on dinner and I take blame on that. Next time I will plan out my week a lot better, make sure I get up early to eat before my second job and KNOW if I had any plans already arranged…

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