Thursday, October 27, 2011

November Goals

Paper Clipart

Some of the goals are from October and a few new ones

1. Monday-Friday no eating out
2. I will be using ONLY cash for all purchases.
3. EVERY paycheck I get from second job goes directly towards my debt.

4. All the change I get back from my cash purchases all go into a jar.
5. I will charge myself $5 for each of the following things

A.Use debit card besides getting cash from ATM for envelope system
B. Eating out M-F which includes any kind of drinks/snacks
C. Not fully funding my envelope system

6. Use 30 day list- When I want to buy something that is not a basic need/bill I will put that item on a list and wait 30 days before buying.
7. Start making homemade stuff.
8. Keep all receipts from all purchases

9. Write each day reporting recap of spending
10. Make a menu for each week in November.

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